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About Sinphar Tian-Li 

Sinphar Tian-Li Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(Hangzhou)  is a subsidiary of Taiwan listing company Sinphar Pharmaceuticals, and is the largest overseas investment of Sinphar Group. In 2001, Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical was established in Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China under the guidelines of Sinphar's Board of Directors, "Globalization, Global Layout, Developing Global Strategy and Vision". The factory site is located in Yuhang Economic Development Zone in Linping District. 

Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical is specializing in science based phytonutrients, natural & health ingredients, bioactive & functional plant peptides, plant oil, organic farm planning, farm management and TCM. It is an innovative and R&D-driven company, with working capitals of USD 30 Million and around 150 professional staffs. Sinphar Tianli is a GMP pharmaceutical grade factory, with ISO22000, ISO14001, HACCP, Halal, Kosher and EcoCert certification. Factory space79 MU (13 acres). In response to the continuous growth of the business, the company has completed the latest another three multifunctional factoriesin 2017, which will become the most competitive production base in the global herbal ingredients industry.

Sinphar Tianli also owns a subsidiary of a GAP and organic certified farm,Hetian tianli shasheng Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd, in Yutian County.Hetian Tianli is specializing in the supply and cultivation ofraw herb cistanchetubulosa.

Sinphar Tianli also includes the production and sales of TCM and pharmaceutical ingredients, providingdistributors and individual customers with the best service and high-quality products under the Sinphars pirit principles of "Integrity. Pragmatism and Innovation".

Professional and Service

Sinphar Tianlihas doctors, masters and undergraduate degree professionals of more than 50% of its workforce, providingthe best customer services to meet the needs of customers.Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceuticals has successively undertaken the national "Ninth Five-Year" New Drug Project, the technology-based SME Innovation Fund Project and the national "Tenth Five-Year" Scientific and Technological Research Project, as well as the Twelfth Five-Year BotanicalMedicine Patentability Research. Sinphar Tianli is regulatoryclassified as a High-Tech Foreign Enterprise.

Sinphar upholds the concept of science based innovation, modernized and globalized TCM. Our team spent 20 years of research and studies developed the world first Protein Carrier to enhance muscle mess, poria cocos extract Lipucan®.Lipucan now has 60 patents in 17 countries. 

Another Sinphar Tianli newly developed health ingredient is a small molecule bioactive functional Walnut OligopeptideProtygold®.It has9 global PCT patents,5 SCI publication, 7 in vivo / in vitro functional studies and 1 IRB approved, randomized and placebo controlled human clinical study.Aiming to become the world leadingsupplier in functional peptides.

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