Health & Natural Ingredients

Functional health and natural ingredients

Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceuticals is specializing in therapeutic grade proprietary & patented phytonutrients, natural & health ingredients, bioactive plant peptides and functional plant oil.  Tianlife®They come with the scientific expertise, safety, stability and traceability that only Sinphar can provide. 

Our core product, cistanche tubulosa extract Tianlife® Memoregain®.TLCT-Plus, has 36 patents in 16 countries. 9 SCI publication. Clinically proven effective by 3000 subjects of human clinical study. Focusing on the treatment and prevention of cognitive impairments, memory / learning loss, physical & mental fatigue, sexual incompetence. Its therapeutic claims in pharmaceutical uses cover vascular dementia and AD. Sinphar Tianli owns 2400 acres certified organic farm and is the world biggest cistanche tubulosa extract supplier. 

Sinphar team spent 20 years of research and studies developed the world first Protein Carrier Lipucan® that can increase Myogenin and MyHC level to enhance muscle mess (US Patent). Poria cocos extract Lipucan® can help immunity modulation and with premium functions in prevention of virus caused pneumonia and inflammation (US Patent). It has functions in enhancing BCAA and collagen absorption (TWN Patent). Lipucan distinctive benefits enable it to deliver unique health benefits to meet different consumer needs and product formulations. Lipucan now has 60 patents in 17 countries. 

Another Sinphar Tianli newly developed health ingredient is its small molecule  bioactive functional Walnut Oligopeptide Protygold®. Food grades with strong functional activity and very easy water soluble. It has 8 global 1 PCT patents, 4 SCI publication, 7 in vivo / in vitro functional studies and 1 IRB approved, multi-center randomized and placebo controlled human clinical study. Aiming to increase children learning capability, adult & elderly cognition, mental fatigue, and quality of sleep.  

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