Organic Farm

Hetian tianli shasheng Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd

Hetian tianli shasheng Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd is the subsidiary of Sinphar TianLi conducting organic farming in Yu Tien. Company and farm are established since July 2002. It now has area of Cistanche tubulosa GAP and Organic certified farm of 14,500 MU (2400 acres), one of the biggest commercial Cistanche tubulosa farming in the world. 

It’s mission has 3 goals. Resources Investigation, which build up resources samples, data bank, resources allocations, origin authentication and crude herbs market info,   

Standardized Plantation Guidance and Farm Management including irrigation, soil fertility and pest control. 

Cistanche tubulosa organic farm




Farmed in the world 2nd biggest desert, Taklimakan Desert 



Water and soil are two of the most important factors contributing to organic farm. Water is most scace resource in desert, our pollution free irrigation water is from nearby world famous mountain, KUN LUN. The water riches in essential nutrients supplying the healthy growth of Cistanche tubulosa. 

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Walnut organic farm